Das Narzissenbad Bad Aussee

Narzissen-Bath by night

The Ausseer brine in the Narzissen-Bath (daffodil-bath) springs directly from the Altausseer Salzberg.

It has been known as a recognized remedy for more than 100 years. And has a variety of medical records.


Narzissen-Bath Solegrotte

The Narzissen-Bath: Rest and relaxation of a charming environment, the brine outdoor swimming pools with a 2% soiling content and direct connection to the swimming pool, the unique salt crystal with the solegrotte and 4% solesee as well as the brine inhalation steam bath. Pure pleasure!

You will also find air bubbles, massage jugs and a relaxation pool. There is also a multifunctional swimming pool with 3 swimming pools. The bathing area is barrier-free and offers a mobile pool lift for guests with reduced mobility.

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