Holiday House Altaussee for Nonsmokers

The cuddly little holiday house in Fürstengasse Altausse invites for Wellness …

The lightness of being and unbelievable charm make the charm of the village in the Styrian Salzkammergut.
In the holiday home Altaussee vacation guests enjoy the homey yet cosmopolitan charisma of the place, which has once attracted the Austrian aristocracy. And their effect is still felt today. The aristocracy was followed by artists who especially enjoyed the tranquility and thus felt the kiss of the Muse. Art still has great significance in Altaussee today. Thus, the cultural summer takes place annually with drama, poetry and exhibitions. It is a symbol of the enthusiasm for art in Altaussee, as well as the Via Artis hiking trail. This follows in the footsteps of artists from many decades.

Anyone who has seen Altaussee falls into the grace of the place and its surroundings. We are very happy to live in this little paradise.

holiday in Altaussee - spring

Why holidays in Altaussee

An awesome place in stunning nature …

Altaussee has always attracted and inspired creative people like painters, writers and musicians. They kept returning and some have simply stayed. Come and feel it too.

The landscape welcomes its guests with awesome limestone summits. Beutiful mountain forests and flowering meadows are waiting in summer. And in winter a white snow-covered surface calmes down. And beyond that: the bright, blue lake offers pure wellness. In summer it invites you to swim or take a boat.  And then in icy winters ist becomes an ice-covered blanket at your feet.

Summer in Altaussee - the view from above


No matter what time of year and weather conditions …

Altaussee always offers something to feel comfortable. Skiing or snowboarding in the Loser ski area or exploring the extraordinary landscape on foot or by bike …

Altaussee is a place of history and the fulfillment of long cherished dreams. The salt mine has been working for hundreds of years. Anglers catch char (char) from the crystal lake, just like their ancestors.

Altaussee is easy to find. The village is located in the geographical center – in the heart – of Austria.

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Oder ….

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Nonsmoker holidays in Altaussee

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