Altaussee on ancient postcards and nostalgic pictures

Back then in Altaussee:

Altaussee on ancient postcards - Schutzhütte am Loser - Postkarte vom 27. Juli 1908

Altaussee was very popular as a health resort more than 100 years ago – this becomes visible when you see Altaussee on old postcards.

We are pleased to present to you some postcards from an exemplary collection of rare pieces:

Altaussee on old postcards gives a wonderful view of the time. From the end of the 19th century and from the beginnings to the middle of the 20th century, the picture, language, writing and postmark, as well as the address history, become clear.

Sütterlin can hardly read or write any more today – and a postcard about Brindisi to Palestine and Jerusalem could not be sent today.

Even from the Blaa-Alm, at that time still called Blaa-Alpe to Bad Mitterndorf-Zauchen today you drive quickly by car – to send a postcard would take so much too long …